6 Reasons to Shop at Women-Owned Businesses

One of the most distinct pillars of the CEMELI identity is supporting and promoting women-owned small businesses at our platform and encouraging the community to recognise, learn and shop for women-owned pieces and collections. At CEMELI you can find 11 women creators and artisans showcasing their products. 

As a quick reminder we wanted to underscore in this article why it's  important to choose women-owned brands to shop, for women-created products and to support other women's entrepreneurial vision.

1. Shopping at female companies creates jobs. The majority of new jobs are created by entrepreneurs and small business owners, including the women who own the shops in your home-town. It helps address employment inequality.

2. Think local first.  Shopping for local, slow fashion female-run companies benefits the local economy, female business sentiment and the slow fashion movement in benefit of the circular fashion model.

3. Help fight inequality, systemic racism and sexism and generational wealth gaps. Female and minority businesses often struggle with past historical challenges such as access to bank funding, generational wealth, sexism, discrimination, and others. It can help fight systemic racism and sexism. Spending some of your income at a small business will help put pressure on those mostly white male CEOs and it can help make a difference in income inequality.

4. You will be contributing to the growth of your community, causes, and beliefs. The taxes paid by business owners goes to support various social causes. When you |shop female" you have a direct stake in helping small business owned or entrepreneurs grow their business and hit their goals.

5. Unique products abound. Shopping for minority owned or run businesses is good for the community, but it is also good for you. From delicate handmade jewelry celebrating cultural heritage local or global and handcrafted accessories your community is filled with products you just cannot find anywhere else and now are just a "click" away.

6. Customer service is usually top priority from these small businesses. Female owned businesses have a vested interest in serving their customers, and that can mean a better experience for you. Every time you buy a product, shop for clothes or order a cup of coffee, you interact directly with people you associate with – and enjoy service with extra special benefits and a bespoke approach.

Convinced yet? Head here to meet all women brand owners featured at CEMELI.com.