8 ways to be ethical in fashion

At Cemeli, we strive to choose brands that pertaining a brand strategy that supports circularity and reinforces sustainability practices via ethically producing collections using organic raw materials with significance, favouring local sources and suppliers and sustaining a slow-production model rather than the factory-scale paradigm.

Still you might be wondering..

How ethical is ethical?

There are different ways to produce ethical fashion, and according to the Ethical Fashion Forum, they fall into three categories, social, environmental and commercial, specifically tackling these issues:

1. Countering fast, cheap fashion and damaging patterns of fashion consumption

2. Defending fair wages, working conditions and workers’ rights, and supporting sustainable livelihood.

3. Addressing toxic pesticide and chemical use, using and/or developing eco- friendly fabrics and components

4. Minimising water use

5. Recycling and addressing energy efficiency and waste

6. Developing or promoting sustainability standards for fashion

7. Providing resources, training and/or awareness raising initiatives

8. Protecting animal rights

Make sure to choose which brands to support and where to invest your money by also keeping in mind the after-affect of your purchase the cost to the environment is higher try to reconsider, there are tons of options out there and it's worth the effort to keep a watchful eye in searching for them.