A Story made of Jewelry

In the fall 2019, we welcomed female artisan Iro and her ultra-impressive jewelry brand Spende le Stelle. At Cemeli her Figurines collection is being featured with incredibly theatrical and eye-catching jewelry pieces such as the 'Keep Dancing' earrings or the 'Geishas' earrings.

This collection constitutes one of the most vivid examples of how imagination and great craftsmanship combined together can lead to pieces of jewelry that are seen as pieces of a narrative.

In her enchanting home that operates as a petit jewelry workshop in the island of Paros, Iro as a female artisan stays true to her rebellious and unique sense of style when crafting new pieces of jewelry. She is thinking always outside of the box beyond classic measures of stylistic confinement.

Every creation tells a different story and that story reflects on the person who wears the creations as well. It's up to you what kind of story you want to narrate with a Spende Le Stelle piece of jewelry.