Cemeli & The Gathering Shops NYC

The Cemeli team is extremely proud of this collaboration, that just became official!

You can now find the Cemeli cause bracelet on The Gathering Shops at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ. The Gathering Shops is located on the second floor near the Neiman Marcus entrance. A new retail space will be opening for them in the coming weeks in Red Bank, NJ with a new shopping experience.

The Gathering Shops is a fantastic initiative that aims to support emerging designers and provide them with eclectic exposure opportunities. Creating a distinctive retail experience for the modern consumer. 

Look for the Cemeli custom bracelet in its revitalised packaging and shop for a good cause.

The Cemeli custom bracelet was initially created as a fundraising piece to support the "Shop for a Cause"   Initiative 2018 that raised $ 2,000 to fund scholarships directed to refugee youth, offering hope and confidence for the future.

The Cemeli custom bracelet will continue to be sold as a piece to raise funds for its Initiative 2019.

You can "Shop for a Cause" by purchasing the bracelets online here.