COVID-19 | #Μasks4All Campaign

The current state of affairs seems precarious and odd to all of us. We are asked to practice self-isolation and social distancing. This does not mean shutting the world out but instead using this time to reflect on where we stand, our achievements, our future goals as well as take advantage of this time to fine-tune some of our skills. In such tough times, there is a powerful urge of humanity to show its true colours which are not black or grey but colours that manifest solidarity and unity, working collectively and helping anyway possible.

For instance, helping can translate also to learning how to sew masks at home. Currently, there is a dearth of protective face masks in hospitals where medical workers, nurses and doctors are called on the front line to battle this crisis and come in close proximity with the virus everyday.

We have started a social media movement #Masks4All and we encourage you to try sewing your own mask and share it on your Instagram tagging @inspireatcemeli & use our hashtag #Masks4All. Let's start spreading positivity and strength with this creative effort helping cover an essential need.

We present below in steps how all of us can spend some quality time to create masks. No worries, everyone can do it. All you need is a simple, classic sewing machine.

Or you can the relevant video here.

* DIY step-by-step instructions were provided by Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) NYC