Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Holiday shopping can be tricky. Don't worry because we've marked down essentials in the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. A selection of items that reflects Cemeli's values and we hope they guide you to a bright 2020.

Shop for ethical fashion | Made with respect to environmental and sustainability principles.

Shop for authentic pieces | Empowering fellow women entrepreneurs to make their vision for their business a reality.

Shop for a cause | Where you know part of the profit will be driving education initiatives for underprivileged youth all around the world.

Happy Holidays y'all !!

New Metallic Shades & Patterns by Bleecker & Love | The 100% Organic Scarf by MY Maria Yeroula

Organic Hand-stitched Placemats & The Chicest Wool Stripe Apron by Natural Greek Fabrics

The Eco-Friendly All Day Bag by Apoxylo | Statement Earrings by Vanile on the Rock

Statement Earrings & The Most Elegant Flapbag by Ukka Lelle

The Organic Tea Towels Series & The Handmade Star Pillows by Natural Greek Fabrics

Playful Knits by Bleecker & Love | Exciting Artsy Earrings by Spende le Stelle