Initiative 2020

We announce with great pleasure that Cemeli's initiative for 2020 is focused on the donation of educational equipment and supplies in the school of Kastelorizo island.


Kastelorizo is a remote, tiny island in the far east tip point between Europe and the Middle East. It is home to around 490 residents and Megisti serves as its capital and centre of commerce. Beyond its size, it is an island characterized by great beauty, enchanting architecture and many maritime traditions and history.

 The Elementary School of Megisti is at the heart of the island and has been the temple of education for many years alas facing enduring difficulties. It hosts 22 eager students, 3 permanent and 2 regent teachers.


The small school is situated in a historical building but with its marvellous architecture come several problems such as great difficulty in preserving it as it is, heating or cooling the classrooms. Finally, the school includes all grades from (1st to 12th) with a timeless issue being that its capacity is solely 3 classrooms (!!)

The long list of a wide range of impediments that the school faces, understandably, pave the way for a relatively basic to poor education experience being offered to students.

The teachers’ efforts have been relentless and extremely resourceful in their approach but a constant dearth in basic supplies such as (stationary, musical instruments, computers, smart board, projector, air condition, lab kits, volley balls, printer cartridges and paper) deprives students of a fair chance to steady learning curve.


 Chatzigakis Foundation & CEMELI

For this initiative, we are joining forces with the Chatzigakis Foundation, founded in 2008 and based in Athens, Greece, it's a vibrant foundation that operates on two pillars, the promotion of Greek culture and philantropic initiatives via donation programs, financial awards and scholarships

Most notably, Chatzigakis Foundation, has pledged allegiance to initiatives that focus on ameliorating the quality of education young students around Greece receive, via our donation programs whether its about building school libraries with books, donating essential electronic equipment and educational games and kits.

CEMELI has a proven record of spearheading annual initiatives to support social causes relating to education and underprivileged youth. Most importantly, its code of values dictates as one of the main values being standing up for youth and their rights to a better future, among others.


You & The Cause

We invite you to play an active role in raising an important amount that will indeed make a serious impact and significantly aid the school cover at least some of its basic needs in equipment and supplies.

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Find out more about Chatzigakis Foundation here