Meet Marilina | Her Mission is to Never Stop Being Creative

Let us introduce to you the charismatic woman behind bestselling brand Ukka Lelle. Her joy and craving for creation and artistic expression manifests in her uniquely crafted pieces whether it's jewelry or leather accessories. She is a multi-dimensional woman entrepreneur and we hope her words inspire you as much as they did us. 


1) Please tell CEMELI followers a bit more about yourself and how the brand came about?

I’m Marilina Deligiannopoulou and with a 20-year successful career in the luxury goods sector, I chose to make a fresh start by creating my own handmade jewelry and accessories line. My goal was and still is to highlight the femininity of every woman, offering elegance and radiance for her looks. All these years, I’ve studied and worked tirelessly to develop as a designer. That’s how I created my brand, Ukka Lelle. The most important thing about the brand is that all our creations are made by Greek craftsmen and that they are all handmade with attention to detail and quality. My creations can be found in selected boutiques in Greece and abroad. I’ve participated in numerous events around the world that promote contemporary Greek design, most recently the exhibition of Greek Jewelry at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

2) Please tells us about how your designs came to represent something extremely bold and hopeful amid these uncertain times (pandemic etc..)?

The crisis that the coronavirus brought with it has significantly affected the global market. I know we are going through difficult times due to the spread of the virus all over the world, but it also gives you the strength and the will to create something beautiful, because that is what we need right now. The inspiration for creation does not stop and we always hope that better days will come. Both the virus and the economic crisis are certainly the biggest challenges, but I always focus on my work and goals to overcome any challenge.

3) What was the inspiration and vision behind your designs?

My inspiration will always be the woman, herself. A dynamic woman who does not lose any of her femininity and sensuality. A woman who magnetizes with her aura. I am inspired by the bold and stylish women who challenge me to constantly create pieces that accentuate their charisma. Also, another source of inspiration is, of course, my country, Greece. Our jewelry & accessories are based on the special design, the fine quality of the raw materials & the craftsmanship made by Greek traditional artisans.

Hera Clutch | AW 2020 Collection

4) Sustainability and responsible sourcing are a strong priority for CEMELI and also for the world nowadays. What steps do you think the fashion industry needs to take to become more sustainable?

Sustainability has emerged in recent years as a need for the industry to begin caring and respecting the environment as well as human rights. The greatest innovation for the fashion industry would be for businesses to start using recyclable and sustainable materials. But first, companies need to learn the basics of materials so they can maximize the chances of picking the right ones matching their product purpose. Also, they can pick manufacturers that place sustainability as a priority and work with factories that care for their workers to start building a better future. 

5) What has been the most surprising thing that you have learnt about running your own business during such challenging times?

The difficult conditions we face also create opportunities for new projects, more action and a reinvigorated willingness to create. We need to look at these opportunities and bring out our best creative side.


6) If you could describe your brand in five words – what would they be?

Elegant, authentic, unique, classy, and luxurious

7) How would you envision your ideal customer?

Ukka Lelle’s mission is to provide the market with unique handmade jewelry and accessories of high quality that meet the needs and expectations of consumers. The ideal customer for us is the confident woman who feels at ease with herself, her appearance and the people around her.

8) How does a woman wearing Ukka Lelle designs feel?

Evidently, we want the woman who wears Ukka Lelle to feel feminine, to manifest dynamism and sensuality at the same time. We really want our pieces to complement her and perfect her style.


9) How do you feel about being featured at the online CEMELI boutique?

 Based on the fact that CEMELI strengthens the businesses that belong to women, as one of them I feel very happy and lucky that we have the opportunity to work together and to show our determination, extroversion & creativity.