Summer Reunion in Andros Island

The culturally intriguing island of Andros has always been the place where the beauty of nature meets Greek shipping history and of course great art initiatives.

With Andros as a backdrop CEMELI founder Christina reunited with Marilina Deligiannopoulou, founder & creative force behind Ukka Lelle during an open, summer jewelry fair taking place on the island these days.

Ukka Lelle is an extremely unique brand that exhibits timelessness in harmonious co-existence with modernity in both their jewelry and leather pieces. Undeniably, one of Marilina's most definitive source of inspiration for creation is her country Greece, honoured in subtle yet über symbolic elements in each piece such as the patterns, colour palettes, stitching, materials and even product names.

The CEMELI mission is founded on the values of supporting women creators and standing up for small businesses because we believe that going small and slow can create a disrupting wave in the lightening fast, highly polluting industry of fashion.

CEMELI always pushes the boundaries for more women creators and more hands-on, personable online shopping platforms to include small businesses, founded and run by women all over the globe.

Some of Ukka Lelle's bestselling pieces below.


HERA | Tote

IRIS | Leather Clutch


THALO | Opal Green

HERA | Clutch