Meet Alexandra | The Visionary of Sustainble & Chic Brand Apoxylo

Have you heard of sustainable fashion?

It's an idea we stand by ever since our founding date and we believe has the power to transform how we define 'shopping' in a world that currently has a detrimental impact to the planet and its resources.

In the frame of sustainable fashion, we are introducing a brand new collaboration with Apoxylo. This is a brand that promotes impeccably stylish yet conscious fashion pieces.

You can shop the collection here.

Let us introduce an accomplished modern woman and business owner, the founder of Apoxylo, Alexandra!

Please tell Cemeli followers a bit more about yourself and how your brand came about?

We are coming from Greece, a country that produces so many natural products, and our olive trees are one of the most popular and traditional “elements” of Greek culture.  Combining two natural elements, olive wood and natural cork, that also comes from wood (it’s coming from the bark of oak trees) we created unique designs and handcrafted bags.

Apoxylo brand manifests a new fashion idea, with natural products, without any leather or plastic elements, just using natural cork and olive wood. At the beginning, it was the idea of the creation of a handcrafted eco-friendly and sustainable bag, but after all, the new designs that we had, and the variety of the colors of cork fabric,  ended up to a whole collection of bags and jewellery.

Our brand position:
APOXYLO is the brand that takes care of women and the environment
APOXYLO is the brand that humanises women, makes them feel earthy
APOXYLO is the brand that enlightens their life

Our brand personality:
Confident, Warm, Optimistic, Credible,
Social & Environmental conscious

Sustainability and responsible sourcing are a strong priority, nowadays, what steps do you think that the world of fashion need to take to become more sustainable?

Our philosophy is based on sustainable and eco friendly materials, that we all need to include in our everyday life. Cork is coming from the bark of oak trees, and they extract it every nine years, and without actually cutting the tree, it transforms to a soft, hypo allergic, light and body friendly fabric.

The world today creates a new philosophy of plastic-free and leather-free products. From recycling to sustainability, we all have to have as a priority the environmental impact and our foot print on planet earth. We believe that slow fashion industry will include only materials that come from Mother Nature, that’s why we used the word Apoxylo for our brand, it means in Greek “everything that comes from wood”.

What has been the most surprising thing that you have learnt about running your own business?

People really want to know more about natural products, and cork of course! They all want to make some steps and try to change their view for environmental reasons, the want to know more about new elements, and when they meet new designs and styles are all open minded to use them and replace their old bags or wallets with something sustainable, stylish  and also useful.

As an artisan / designer what is your key philosophy you wish to communicate?

We would like to spread around the importance of using sustainable and eco friendly materials, also on your bags and jewelleries, as the environmental changes that take place around us every day are changing our world. Many times, little things make the difference!

How would you describe your ideal customer?

Modern women that have high standards for their appearance, and they are not easily pleased with it. Women who want to feel unique, stand out in the crowd. They are active and confident, have strong personality, feel free,  to pick what suits them and they are not “patronised” by trends. Above all, women that are socially and environmentally conscious.

How do you feel about being featured at the online Cemeli boutique?

Based on all the above, we are a brand that wants to establish a new era in eco fashion and sustainable – vegan fashion. We feel that Cemeli is a boutique that is consisting of brands that match with our philosophy about environmental consciousness but also featuring modern, unique pieces that express every modern woman. We are very proud to be a part of your family, and we’d love to continue our cooperation in many more years to come. Thank you Cemeli!