The Power of Earthy Shades

It is often that we long for a change in the usual, well-known scenery of our home or we search for a new set of colours to decorate a new space..either way gravitating towards earthy colours you might find a whole new world of senses opening up to you and your beloved co-habitants.

Earthy shades from cream white, dark or light beige, light brown to grey and light petrol green or blue can give your space a new wave of renewal, minimalism and calm.

Traditionally, relaxing to the eye, such shades match with almost any other  colour, making it even easier to re-decorate the rest of your home or choose new furniture.

Discover some of our favourite shades and where to feature them..

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1. Brown & Beige Stripes for the Bedroom


2. Table Linens for Tranquil Simplicity in Art de La Table


3. Towels for Quiet Elegance in the Bathroom

4. Duvees & Covers for a Comfy Bed