Cemeli x Imisi Bracelets

The Concept

At Cemeli, we want to take part, we want to revive hope and inspire as many young refugees that had to flee their country due to conflict and danger. Their chance to obtain a degree and build a career is at risk.

This year we have vowed to support the Education Unites: From Camp to Campus program, buying one bracelet and knowing that it can offer optimism to these youth and give them confidence and motivation for a brighter future.

The Initiative 2018 #ΟneCauseOneBracelet

Cemeli has teamed up with Greek brand Imisi Bracelets to create a custom pair of bracelets for the 2018 initiative #ΟneCauseOneBracelet. 

The proceeds will go to fund the scholarship opportunities offered by DEREE – The American College of Greece in the frame of Education Unites: From Camp to Campus.

The Bracelets

The bracelets come in two colours light blue-purple and purple-light blue. On each bracelet there is a different mantra. Our aim: to inspire you, motivate you to be stronger & strive for success every day of your life.

S H O P   N O W