Welcome to EF93  Since its inception in January 2021, EF93 has been built on a philosophy that commands sustainability and zero waste. The brand's rallying cry is to be as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible.

The co-founders Nefeli & Emma in their studio

They embrace nature’s perfect imperfections with creativity and the utmost respect it deserves. By choosing to wear EF93 sandals, one chooses to walk on nature with coconut fiber, natural rubber, cork and leftover fabrics made of cotton and linen.

EF93 was created during unprecedented times in Athens, Greece. Quarantined and having time to think about what the future will look like, two young women neophyte entrepreneurs, Nefeli and Emma, realised they wanted to have a positive impact on the planet’s future, and their love for shoes and colours pushed them to create a fully sustainable model of operation for their brand.

The vibrant colour compositions are inspired by the importance of accepting diversity. All of pairs of sandals differ left from right as they want to remind their wearers to embrace the importance of accepting diversity, our own and each other’s differences. Everyone should feel included in their mission. After all we are all different just like the EF93 sandals.