Cemeli's Social Impact...

Based in New York City, Cemeli is an ethical fashion boutique featuring select items crafted by women designers and artisans from around the globe. Cemeli gives back an amount of sales to education initiatives to help integrate displaced youth into society and build confidence in their futures through education. 

The idea for Cemeli was conceived after a trip to Greece in 2016. After witnessing the devastating effects of the refugee crisis and the socioeconomic plight of the country, the founder started the first education campaign. In early 2017 the fruition of the Cemeli brand had begun.

At the core of the brand are empowerment of women owned businesses and supporting refugees through education. By expanding emerging designers towards the global stage and returning profits back to local economies Cemeli aims to support and inspire women and youth for success.



The Cemeli social mission is to inspire success by empowering women owned businesses and support education initiatives for displaced youth.

The mission is fulfilled by collaborating with small businesses in emerging economies that meet Cemeli quality standards. The education initiatives are funded through specific campaigns.

Also, 10% of the profits to scholarships which would fund athletic and other after school programs to help integrate displaced refugee children into society and help them build confidence through education. 

Main Campaign & Annual Initiatives

Each campaign is focused on supporting refugee youth through specific goals relating to product sales of a unique Cemeli product that contributes to the education initiative.

For 2017 the initiative was #OneforOne: Buying one notebook and donating a notebook to a child.The Initiative 2018 focused on Education Unites: From Camp to Campus - Cemeli x Imisi Bracelets.

Learn more here.


Role of Ethical Fashion

In support of the mission, Cemeli has reached out to trendsetting designers and artisans from all corners of the world; always favouring exceptional craftsmanship and finally creating a small online boutique featuring selective products. Click at Designers and discover all designers featured in the Cemeli Boutique. Shop exquisite fashion items here.



Cemeli & The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through its mission Cemeli is engaging with two of the most important of the 17 goals the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has set to achieve by 2030. Goal no. 4 Quality Education is at the core of the Cemeli mission and Goal no. 12 Responsible Consumption and Production transcends the Cemeli philosophy when selecting designers to feature in the Cemeli boutique but also when it comes to the Cemeli customer. Learn more here.