Silver Tiger
Silver Tiger

Silver Tiger






This line is filled with yet more exciting and trendsetting patterns, made with silver leopard prints in light grey backdrop. It is synthetic, eco - friendly printed fabric that gives a luxurious finishing touch.

The BLEECKER bag is a promise of endless possibilities. It can be used as an insert for keeping your precious belongings safe in your handbag, or make it a charming evening clutch. Its star quality is the waterproof lining making the Bleecker Bag the ultimate bag in terms of versatility. 

Plus, it is the No. 1 accessory for all busy moms who just want an easy yet stylish bag to "save all bottles containing essentials" when out to the park with their children.


Comes in two sizes

•S | 9.5 x 7 inches

M | 14 x 9.25 inches

•Water-proof Interior lining

Branded logo detail

•An original design by Irina Douka, founder of BLEECKER & LOVE